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Pool Party Games for Kids

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You’re planning a pool party for your child but are wondering what to do with the kids while they are there. If you are in this situation, you’ll be worried about bored children, and an even sadder birthday boy or girl. To prevent this from happening, here are a few fun pool party games to make your child’s birthday the best it has ever been!

Marco Polo

One of the most popular pool games is Marco Polo. In this game, you’ll choose one person to be “it,” and count to ten while closing his or her eyes. The other children will swim around until the “it” child finishes and yells, “Marco!” Every time he or she yells “Marco!” all of the other children will yell “Polo!” and swim around trying to avoid being touched. If the “it” child touches another child, that person will become “it.”

Watermelon Relay

This is another fun game and requires a few watermelons. Split the kids into two teams (or three if you have a lot of kids) and then have them line up at the end of one pool. Give them each a watermelon. On the count of three, have the children push the watermelon and swim to the other end of the pool and back. Once they finish, the next child goes. Whichever team finishes first, wins!

Sharks and Minnows

Select one kid to be the shark, and the rest to be the minnows. The shark remains in the pool, while the minnows get out of the pool. When the shark yells “Minnows!” the minnows have to jump into the pool and swim across to the other side without getting touched. If they get touched, they have to remain in the pool and become a shark. Once there is only one minnow left, they become the winner, and are the shark the next round.


Water Toys You Need

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It’s almost  summertime! One of the best times of the year, summer brings about no school, sun, vacations, and lots of pool time. Though pools are generally lots of fun, especially with friends and a big backyard to enjoy, one of the best things that come with pools are pool sports, games, and floats. Choosing water toys is sometimes hard. Here are just a few of the favorite water toys for a summertime swim. Read the rest of this entry »

The Coolest Pool Toys for Adults and Kids

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Having a pool is a great way to ensure that you get some good quality time with the people you love most. Sometimes just swimming and wading is enough, but other times, you want some good toys to make things a little more exciting. We suggest checking out the following incredible pool toys.

Inflatable Jousting Kits

These are a lot of fun. They are inflatable kits that provide a platform and a jousting pole for two people. The objective is to knock the opponent into the pool. Entire tournaments can be played out with your family and friends.

Dolphin Scooters

Dolphin scooters are mini jet skis that can be used in the pool. The speeds don't get too high, making them fairly safe as long as small children only use them with help from an adult.

Floating Basketball Hoops

Get a game of basketball going right in your pool. The dribbling is harder, but passing and shooting is still a lot of fun. There is an added challenge of the hoop constantly changing location. This keeps you all active and alert.

Snack and Drink Caddy

There are a lot of different products out there that store and float your snacks and drinks in the pool. This means you and your family can stay fed and hydrated without having to leave the pool.

How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

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Even when it is sanitary, cloudy pool water looks gross and dirty. In addition, it can be unsafe, since it obscures vision and can make it harder to see distressed swimmers. If you find yourself plagued by cloudy water, there are a few different approaches you can take and steps you can try in order to clear things up. Read on to learn more about how you can fix cloudy pool water and enjoy beautiful, clear water.

Common Problems

Several different things can be the cause of cloudy pool water, including increased use of your pool, filtration problems, insufficient chlorine levels, weather changes, and undissolved chemicals.

A Recipe for Success

In order to keep your pool clean and clear, ensure that you have proper filtration, adequate cleaning, functioning circulation, and the right chemical levels.

Things to Try

A good first step is to test your water for appropriate chlorine levels and treat your water if necessary. If chlorine doesn’t seem to be the problem, you can try shocking your pool and giving it a thorough cleaning. If a series of products doesn’t do the job, check the pressure on your filter pressure gauge. If it is elevated or decreased by a significant amount, having it checked can help. A professional inspection can help you determine the root of the problem as well as help you come up with an effective solution.

Décor for Your Pool Area

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Installing your swimming pool is only the first step: it’s just as important to integrate it seamlessly into your backyard. Keep reading to find out how you can transform your pool into your own private paradise.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a unique theme for your pool area is the first step to truly making it your own. Most people choose to develop a nature theme by surrounding their pool with potted plants, rock features, and fire elements to draw out the natural beauty of the water. However, you can choose any theme that speaks to you, from your pet to your favorite sports team.

Personalize the Area

Pool stores and the Internet are full of one-of-a-kind accents for your pool area. Once you’ve chosen your theme, you can stock up on personalized towels, signs, and other elements that will infuse your personality into the area. Wood and stone are good choices if you’re sticking with a natural theme, while more colorful elements work well if your pool has a modern feel.

Practical Décor

While designing your pool area, don’t forget to include practical accessories like seating and lighting. Beach chairs are easy to clean and move around, while benches and lounges can add more elegance to your design.

Choosing the right lighting is crucial to developing the right atmosphere for your pool, especially if you plan on enjoying it during the night as well as the day. Kids love colorful lights that reflect off the surface of the water, while adults will appreciate the contrast between the water and torches or a backyard fire pit.



The Most Amazing Indoor Hotel Pools

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More than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, and the bulk of that, about 96 percent, is saline ocean water. The water filling some of the planet’s most incredible indoor swimming pools isn’t included in that number. Here are a few of elaborate indoor hotel pools elegant and majestic enough to almost rival Earth’s oceans.


High above the grand architecture of Shanghai sits an infinity pool surrounded by tall windows that look upon the largest Chinese city’s skyline. This sparkling pool is located in the spa at the Four Seasons Shanghai.


It may seem foolhardy to choose an indoor pool in a city like Miami, known for its stunning beaches and bright sunshine. However, the indoor spa pool at the Miami Viceroy Hotel makes a day indoors seem reasonable. The elegant pool is encased by gleaming grayish-white marble and includes a floating library and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Key Biscayne.


Opulent architecture, brilliant blue Spanish Majolica tile, and a terra-cotta Neptune fountain make this Olympic-size indoor pool a must-see. Giant fish scale windows at either end project shimmering fish onto the water of this enormous swimming pool.


The City of Lights has an indoor hotel pool that promotes light therapy. The walls of the serene pool change color to encourage calm and comfort thanks to lights that reflect a wall of mirrors.

Asheville, NC

Despite its clean, crisp water, swimmers in the indoor pool at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville can be forgiven for thinking they’ve entered a cave. The rounded ceiling and stone archways appear almost cave-like. The 43,000-square-foot subterranean spa features 10 mineral baths.

Tips for an Original Pool

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When looking to construct an original pool, it all comes down to the details. Regardless of how simple they may be, it’s the special touches that make all the difference in helping establish a pool as unique. Here are some features we’ve found to have a big impact on a pool’s originality.


Most pools are prefabricated to be rectangular or circular in shape. When a homeowner chooses to customize the shape of their pool, they can create something that will be completely unique to their home. When done right, even an oddly shaped pool can become a backyard work of art.


We have found that choosing to install a waterfall or waterslide can really set a pool apart from most others, giving it a unique and original style. Some homeowners desire swim-up bars and even fire pits to be worked into their pool design. Everything down to the depth of the pool plays a part in its originality. We can help homeowners find a design that will work best in their yard, giving them something they will enjoy for years to come, and also creating a unique and original statement; these features allow us to do just that.

The shape of a pool and its features play a large part in the originality of its style, allowing a homeowner to create a pool unlike any other.

Organize Your Pool Supplies

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Keeping your pool supplies organized will help keep you and your family safe. It’s important to prevent trips, slips, or falls around the pool—and these are just a few of the dangers that can happen around your pool. Here are a few ways to get your pool area organized.

Pool Treatment Products

As a pool owner, you are aware that numerous chemicals are needed to maintain a clean pool. Storing them in a shed or garage will help keep your family safe. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for proper storage information, and never store your chemicals on the ground. This makes it easy for pets and children to access them.

Toys, Towels, and Life Vests

There are numerous ways to organize your pool toys, including storing them in bins or pool caddies. Life vests and towels can be hung on hooks near the pool or in the garage, keeping them out of the way and dry until they are needed. These can also be stored in the shed with the pool chemicals, but make sure they are far enough away so they don’t get contaminated by accidental spills.

Clean Up After Yourself

After you’re done swimming for the day or maintaining your pool, make sure to pick up all toys and supplies. This will keep the deck clear and hazard-free, and keep you and your family safe.

Your pool can be a source of endless entertainment and fun. By keeping the area organized and clutter-free, you can minimize the chances of injuries occurring.

Beach Entry Pool Ideas

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Most swimming pools have you enter by stairs or a ladder--or just by jumping into the deep end, if that's your style. But we're actually big fans of beach entry pools. No, that's not a pool that you enter from the beach; rather, it's a pool that you enter by wading into gradually deeper water, just like you would do when wading into the water at the beach. This is a comfortable, gradual way to get into the pool, and it adds an element of luxury to your pool, because it makes it feel like an ocean-side retreat!

If you're considering installing a beach entry pool, here are some ideas we think you should consider.

A Large Wading Area

Sometimes, you don't want to get all the way in the water. You may just want to sit and keep cool in some shallow water that is easy to relax in. So when installing your pool, you should consider having a large "wading" area as part of your beach entry. Keep the pool shallow for a long time, so that you can enjoy the cool water without jumping all the way in.

Water Features

One of the most relaxing parts of the beach is the sound of crashing waves. Though we don't really recommend turning your pool into a wave pool, you can mimic the sound of the water by adding a water feature to your beach entry pool. This could be a fountain that bubbles up in your wading area or a beautiful waterfall that tumbles into the deep end of the pool. Either way, it will turn your pool into a beautiful and relaxing place to spend time.

How Much Will an Inground Pool Cost?

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How much will it cost to put in an inground pool? The quick answer is: it depends. We know that sounds pithy, but costs can vary widely, depending upon the size of the pool and the materials you choose. The pool liner is a significant portion of the cost and there are three basic materials to choose from: vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. A reasonable starting estimate for a medium sized, vinyl, inground pool is about $25,000. Fiberglass and concrete can raise the cost substantially. The cost of putting in a pool includes excavation, materials, and installation. You are also likely to incur costs for putting in some type of patio around the pool, which are not included as part of the actual cost of the pool, but should absolutely be included as part of your budget for the project.

In addition to the costs associated with installing a pool, you should also consider the costs of owning a pool. Your pool requires regular, diligent maintenance. Even if you do the maintenance yourself, the chemicals needed cost money. Pool maintenance can run upwards of $100/month for the life of the pool, a bit more if you hire a pool service company to help. You will also need to pay for the water to fill the pool and the electricity to heat the water, if necessary.

Will your investment be worth it? Absolutely. You will be thankful for your pool every time you take a cool dip after a long, hot day at work. You will be thankful for your pool every time your children exhaust themselves in it on a slow, summer day. You will be thankful for your pool every time you spend a sunny afternoon relaxing beside the water, sipping something refreshing and enjoying the beauty of your backyard.