3 Great Pool Toys for Your Kids


Jump into your swimsuit, lather on the sunscreen, and prepare to be poolside. You may have your shades and a good book, but what toys do you have ready for your kids? There are lots of pool toys on the market, so which ones should you choose? Here are 3 great pool toys that you need to have for your kids:

Flotation Devices

There are lots of different flotation devices to choose from, varying in price and size. You can find simple inner tubes from your local dollar store, or you can purchase great big ones from the store. Castles, seesaws, lounges, and ride-ons in various shapes and sizes are available for you to choose from.

Water Guns

Getting to squirt water at others is a lot of fun for kids. You hand them a filled water gun, and they will stay entertained until it's time to fill it again. If you don't feel comfortable giving your kids water guns, just hand them some cups or buckets. Filling them with water and dumping them out will become a game in and of itself.


Boats and other toys that float will allow your child's imagination to take off while playing in the pool. If you can't find a boat, you can make your own. Using cork and strings, aluminum foil, or soap, you can create ones that float.

When you have a pool on your property, you can keep a basket full of your kids' favorite pool toys. You can easily bring the basket out with you whenever you're ready for some fun in the pool.

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