3 Reasons Private Pools Are Better than Public Pools


Public pools are a great asset to many communities, especially for those people who don't have their own backyard pool. But the truth is, getting your own private pool is, to put it simply, much better than going down to the public pool. Here are just 3 of the reasons we think private pools are just plain better than public ones.


Sometimes, you just want to relax by the poolside in the sun, or float peacefully in the water. A pool can be a great place to get some peace and quiet--but not at a public pool. Public pools are filled with other people, shouting teenagers, and screaming and children. It's possible to get any privacy so that you can just relax and enjoy the water. But in a private pool, the water and the deck are all yours. You can lounge to your heart's content and have all the privacy you could ever want.


It's a simple fact: the more people in an area, the more germs. Every person who steps into a public pool brings their germs into the water. Public pools come with a pretty dirty reputation--used Band-Aids floating in the water, infants playing in the pool in dirty diapers, people urinating in the water, etc. Just thinking about those germs can make anyone cringe. With a private pool, the only germs are your own.


Public pools come with a lot of rules, and while they are there for the safety and comfort of all the pool guests, they can also put a bit of a damper on your fun summer afternoon. In your own pool, you can play volleyball, have races, play chicken, and have all the fun pool toys you want without having to worry about getting a whistle blown at you.


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