4 Tips to Protect Yourself against Backyard Pool Liability


A backyard pool can be a fun and relaxing way to beat the heat, stay healthy, and bring people together, but it's also a huge responsibility. As the owner of a pool, the safety of your guests is on your shoulders, and you could face serious legal consequences if something goes wrong. You should be diligent and thorough in the safety measures you take to avoid accidents and subsequent cases of negligence. Here are 4 tips from us at ABC Swimming Pools for protecting yourself from liability.

Go Non-Slip

By nature, the surfaces around swimming pools get wet. Water makes some materials become dangerously slippery. Use non-slip surfaces to protect yourself from slip and fall cases. You should also make sure that the areas around your pool don't collect standing puddles.

Set Rules

Insist that all swimmers follow rules that you set for their safety. Your list should include a rule that no one swim without another person accompanying them.

Maintain Safety Equipment

Even with rules in place, accidents can still happen. Anticipate them and keep safety equipment, such as throw rings, in visible and accessible places near the pool. Check this equipment regularly and replace items as needed.

Check on Your Insurance

On the strictly legal side of the matter, check your homeowner's insurance policy to make sure that injuries that occur in your pool are covered.

These tips will go a long way in keeping people safe in and around your pool, but they are certainly not the only safety measures you need. Never let your guard down when it comes to your pool. With proper care and caution, your pool can continue to be a source of enjoyment for you and your friends and family.

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