5 Must-Play Games to Play in Your Pool This Summer


The calendar may say fall is here, but there are still plenty of warm days left to enjoy your swimming pool! Here are 5 fun games to play in your pool.

Cannonball Contest

A cannonball contest is a classic game, but why not up the stakes a little? Get a few non-participants to be the judges and the winner gets a fun prize. If you're feeling extra daring, have a belly flop contest too!

Water Polo

Water polo isn't easy, but you're sure to have fun! Divide your group into 2 teams and set up goals on each side of the pool. Use a beach ball or volleyball and have a supply of tubes if you don't want to tread water the whole time.


All you need is to set up a net, get a volleyball, and split into 2 teams. Make sure to spell out rules such as no spiking if you want to avoid injuries.

Noodle Jousting

This game is fun for the kids, and adults will love it too! Each person gets on an inflatable raft with a pool noodle and gets pushed by a friend toward their opponent. Whoever knocks the other person off their raft first wins!

Scavenger Hunt

Small toys, coins, and other items are thrown to the bottom of the pool. The first person to gather each item from the list is the winner!

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