5 Steps for Closing Your Pool for the Winter


You've had a great time by the pool all summer; but as the weather begins to cool off, it's time to close down your pool for the winter. Follow these 5 steps for winterizing your swimming pool.

Gather Equipment

The first step is to make sure you have all the proper equipment you need to close the pool. This includes a cover, winter chemicals, and a powerful shop vac. Make sure all the parts are in good condition.

Clean the Filter

Vacuum the filter out and make sure there are no leaves or debris still inside. Clean all other parts of the filter without the use of acids, as this can degrade the parts over the winter.

Remove Accessories

If your pool has tubes, noodles, or any other toys or accessories inside it, remove those to prevent them from getting damaged over the winter. Remove diving boards and ladders and store those in a garage or shed by the other accessories.

Add Chemicals

It's not necessary to lower the water level, but you do need to add proper chemicals to keep the water in good condition while it's closed. Completely dissolve the chemicals before adding them to the water.

Cover the Pool

Once the pool is ready, completely cover it. Make sure there is no damage to the cover and that it's not exposed to sharp edges or corners.

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