5 Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean


A pool can be an oasis for your family. It is a great place to have parties, cool down, or simply to enjoy some time together. However, caring for your swimming pool is important. Here are 5 tips on keeping your swimming pool clean.

  • First, check the chemistry of your pool a few times per week. If it isn't where it needs to be, make sure you change it. Add the necessary chemicals in order to keep your pool sanitary.
  • Keep your pool clear of debris. This means cleaning out skimmer baskets and monitoring filters as needed. Also, make sure to use your pool. This will help keep it clean and clear.
  • Clean the tile and the surrounding area of the pool. If not wiped down weekly, the tile in your pool will develop a film. The longer it goes without cleaning, the harder it will be to remove it. Plus, dirty tile means bacteria. Keep your pool clean both in the water and out.
  • Store chemicals safely. Make sure they are not in the sun and are out of reach of kids and pets.
  • Check the chlorine levels. Ensure that your chlorine dispenser is working properly. Monitor the level of chlorine in your pool weekly and make adjustments as needed.

Taking care of a pool might seem tedious, but in the end, a clean pool will be a happy pool!

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