7 Different Shapes for Pools to Fit Your Backyard


There are many different sizes of backyards and many different pools to fit those shapes. ABC Swimming Pools in Los Alamitos, California can help you find the one that is right for you, and here are 7 pool shapes they offer.

  1. Rectangular. These are the kind of pools you would swim laps in and are great if you have a large backyard.
  2. Freeform. These are more of a custom kind of pool that can take a lot of different shapes. They can be designed to fit the size and landscape of your home.
  3. L-Shaped. Pools that are L-shaped are nice because they generally have a shallow end and deep end, which is great if you have children. They can be large or small, so they can fit into most backyards.
  4. Figure-8. A pool with this shape also usually has a shallow and deep end. They are also nice, because they have a thinner middle, which allows for more deck space.
  5. Kidney. Pools with this shape are long ovals that curve up on both ends, which is great because then can fit into most backyards.
  6. Oval. These tend to be large pools, so they are great if you have a lot of space. Having an oval pool would probably eliminate some deck space, but they are great for hosting a lot of people, and easier to clean with their round edges.
  7. Circular. A circular pool is ideal if you do not have a lot of space, because they tend to be on the smaller side. They might not be for you if you have young children though, because they only have one depth level.

With many pools to choose from ABC Swimming Pools can help you install the right one.

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