7 Steps to Building a Swimming Pool


We all love swimming pools, but unless we've watched someone construct one, we really don't think much about how they are built. We at ABC Swimming Pools thought you'd like to know just how these aquatic wonders are created. For a standard, rectangular design with a floor and four walls, the following seven steps describe how a swimming pool is built.

Design & Get a Permit

The first step is to design your pool. Make sure the design will fit and work with your particular yard. You will also need to procure a permit from your local municipal building authority.

Excavate & Grade

With a backhoe, dig out the pool. Make sure you don't run into a utility line or other obstruction. Next, grade the floor. If your design includes a sloping floor, a professional should be used.

Frame the Walls

Frame the walls with wood and metal rebar. Make sure the walls line up with each other.

Install the Plumbing & Electrical

This is the point where the pool's plumbing and electrical systems need to be installed. For this step, you will probably want a plumbing and electrical expert.

Pour the Floor

Rent a cement truck, pour the cement, and smooth the floor of the pool. Once again, for a pool with a sloping floor, you might want a professional pool builder for this step.

Build & Finish the Walls

Using either concrete or cinder block, build the walls. Make sure to line up the top of them with the surrounding surface ground. There are a few choices of materials when it comes to finishing the walls. These materials include a pool liner, tiles, or plaster coating.

Fill in the Outside

Fill in the outside area behind the walls. Talk to a professional about which material will work best in your location.

Of course, then there is just one additional step we didn't mention: Fill it with water and then dive in!

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