Can Your Baby Learn How to Swim?


One of the biggest concerns for any pool owner, especially those with kids, is safety. There could be nothing more horrible than having an accident at the pool involving a little tyke. To help keep your family safe, it's important to keep some safety tips in mind. Two of the most important tips are never let kids swim without an adult and don't let people dive into the pool if the water is shallow. But another equally important safety tip to ensure the safety of your kids in the pool is to teach them how to swim. How young can kids start to learn how to swim?

Swimming Babies

Depending on the child, babies can start to learn to swim as young as 6-10 months old. That doesn't mean that they'll be swimming laps as a 1-year-old though! Progress is very slow and steady with babies. At first, you'll just play in the water and help them get used to being in the pool. Basically, the process involves acclimatizing your child to the pool. You'll start to drip water on their faces. Eventually, they will learn to hold their breath when you poor water over them and then when you dip them in the water. By 12 months, it's possible for some babies to swim short distances between two adults for 3-5 seconds. Skills progress from there to jumping off the side and swimming back, coming up for breath when swimming, and more.

Exercise Caution

As babies develop these skills, don't be overly confident with how much your baby can do. An adult should always be within arm’s reach of any swimming child. However, you can be more confident in your baby's safety around the pool if they learn to swim at a young age.


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