Considerations for Building a Cabana


Here at ABC Swimming Pools, we understand your desire to have a pool, as well as a cabana. When planning to build a pool house cabana, there are several things to take into consideration.


What purpose do you want your cabana to serve? You will want to make sure the space is large enough for its intended purposes. Some ideas for a cabana could be a mini kitchen, a bar serving area, a changing area with a shower and a toilet, or a place to store pool equipment.

Choosing a Style

When trying to choose a style that fits your preferences best, it comes down to your own personal tastes. Most cabanas can be customized to your liking. Choose something that goes well with your landscaping and home's style. A well-designed cabana can create your own little oasis right next to the pool.


Do you want your pool house cabana to be the focal point near the pool? When choosing the location for your cabana, take the sunlight into consideration. If you are installing a mini kitchen and/or bar, then you won't want the sunlight shining directly down on you. Also, if you want your cabana to have electricity, it will need to be installed in a location that is set up for that access.

These are just a few suggestions of things to take into consideration. If you would like to learn more, give us a call or visit our website!

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