Freshwater Swimming Pool vs. Saltwater Pool


If you have a chlorine pool that you are thinking of converting to salt water or fresh water, or you are installing a pool and are debating between the two options, there are a lot of advantages and features to look into for both. We have outlined below some of the primary advantages of each to help you make a better decision.

Soft Water

If your skin or eyes are sensitive to chlorine and you find that swimming in traditional pools for too long stings your eyes, a salt water pool might be a good option for you. A freshwater pool can be a good option as well because the chlorine and salt levels are low and you won’t sting your eyes as easily.

Chlorine Delivery

Saltwater pools do still have chlorine in them but the chlorine is delivered naturally through electrolysis, meaning you don’t have to pump chlorine and other chemicals into your pool. It is possible to keep freshwater pools maintained so the water stays clean and pure without the use of chlorine at all except for what naturally occurs in the water.

Maintenance Involved

Traditional swimming pools may require a bit more maintenance than saltwater pools but there are still many advantages to chlorinated pools. With chlorinated pools, you may have to run pumps for long periods of time to keep the pool clean, which can be costly on your power bill.

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