How Much Will an Inground Pool Cost?


How much will it cost to put in an inground pool? The quick answer is: it depends. We know that sounds pithy, but costs can vary widely, depending upon the size of the pool and the materials you choose. The pool liner is a significant portion of the cost and there are three basic materials to choose from: vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. A reasonable starting estimate for a medium sized, vinyl, inground pool is about $25,000. Fiberglass and concrete can raise the cost substantially. The cost of putting in a pool includes excavation, materials, and installation. You are also likely to incur costs for putting in some type of patio around the pool, which are not included as part of the actual cost of the pool, but should absolutely be included as part of your budget for the project.

In addition to the costs associated with installing a pool, you should also consider the costs of owning a pool. Your pool requires regular, diligent maintenance. Even if you do the maintenance yourself, the chemicals needed cost money. Pool maintenance can run upwards of $100/month for the life of the pool, a bit more if you hire a pool service company to help. You will also need to pay for the water to fill the pool and the electricity to heat the water, if necessary.

Will your investment be worth it? Absolutely. You will be thankful for your pool every time you take a cool dip after a long, hot day at work. You will be thankful for your pool every time your children exhaust themselves in it on a slow, summer day. You will be thankful for your pool every time you spend a sunny afternoon relaxing beside the water, sipping something refreshing and enjoying the beauty of your backyard.


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