How to Check if Your Pool Is in Good Condition


Swimming pools are a fun and refreshing way to spend a hot summer day. However, they do take a lot of work to maintain. Here’s how to tell if your pool is in good shape for the summer.

Look at the Water

The water in your pool can give you a pretty good indication of the overall state of your pool. If the water is murky and full of algae, there may be something wrong with your filter or you simply may not be cleaning it enough.

Check the Chemicals

Checking the chemical balance of the water is important as well. Even if the water appears clean, it may not be healthy for you and your family. If the chemical balance fluctuates frequently, it may be a sign of mechanical trouble.

Inspect the Structure

At least once a season, take a few minutes to look at the structure of your pool for rust, mold, cracks, and other visible problems. Your pool should look clean and free from damage, both inside and out.

Look for Leaks

As well as looking for cracks in your pool, pay attention to other signs that your pool is leaking. Is your water level dropping faster than it should? Do you notice moist areas around your pool?

Pay Attention to Mechanical Problems

While examining your pool, don’t forget to use your other senses as well. Listen for problems with your filter as it’s running. Bad smells coming from your filter are another common sign of mechanical failure.

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