How to Throw a Teen Pool Party


If you live in a warm climate, a great idea for having some fun is to throw a teen pool party! Not only is this easy to plan, but it will keep teenagers occupied and having fun for hours. So what are some fun tips for a teen pool party? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Have some fun with the invitations. Consider getting creative with the pool theme and sending out invites that are water drop shaped, squirt gun shaped, beach ball shaped, or even sunglasses shaped.
  2. Get creative with decorations. A fun idea is to have bamboo tiki torches and blow-up palm trees all over the backyard. Twinkle lights or even paper lanterns can be fun and add sparkle as well.
  3. Consider getting into the tropical spirit by playing some island music. A small band, or a great island-inspired playlist on your iPod can help to get the party going and the teens excited to be there.
  4. Supply the right food. A great idea for a teen pool party is to have a barbeque. Remember that teens can eat a lot, so make sure you have plenty of burgers and hotdogs going on the grill.
  5. Plan some games. Consider playing king of the mat, Marco Polo, or water tag. Games are great because they can help to get everyone involved.
  6. Remember that teens love competition. If your pool is deep enough, consider having a belly flop or diving contest and award a prize to the winner.

Not everyone might want to swim, so consider having other activities available for the teens to participate in going on in your backyard. This could be croquet or even badminton.

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