How to Throw the Perfect Pool Party


When summer’s in the air, and you’re beginning to melt like the ice in your sweet tea, it’s time for a pool party! Here, we share with you tips on how to throw the perfect pool party for all ages.

A Party for the Little Ones

A great way to celebrate your child’s birthday is with a backyard pool party. Set a picnic table with some scrumptious finger foods or cheesy pizza. As for pool games, there are more options for the little ones, than just cannonballs. You can do a mermaid or shark race, where you challenge the kids to see who can swim underwater the longest. Another fun pool game is noodle jousting. Instead of horses, have the kids stand on an inflatable raft and use noodles to try to knock one another off. After the swimming, don’t forget the cake and ice cream!

One for the Teenagers

With teenagers, the trick is to let them do their own thing. Teens don’t like arranged activities as much, but be sure to give them options besides swimming. Leave them with a handful of choices: volleyball in the pool, a game of soccer, get a movie projector and large screen to watch an outdoor movie, etc. Let them pick the music to listen to, and also, be sure to throw in some grub. Fire up the grill for some burgers and hotdogs, and leave some chips and drinks out.

Pool Party for Grown-ups

If you would like to host the perfect pool party, you need to start by setting the atmosphere. Throw some colorful beach balls and floating tubes in the pool, prop up some beach umbrellas, and have plenty of lawn chairs or poolside chaise lounge chairs sprawled out. For decorations, try using a beach towel as a table runner down the middle of the table, and place some swim fins as the centerpiece. You can also leave pails filled with Swedish fish or other candy for party favors. For the music, go with ukulele for a Hawaiian luau theme, or stick with some hip-hop and R&B that people can dance to.

With these creative ideas, people of all ages will enjoy their time spent at you pool! Don’t forget to have you swimming pool serviced before your party. To schedule your pool cleaning, contact ABC Swimming Pools.

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