Inground vs. Aboveground Swimming Pools


Who would not love to have a pool? They are relaxing, comfortable places for fun times or for exercise, especially in the convenience of your own backyard. So what are your options? Let us at ABC Swimming Pools start you off by talking about the basics of an aboveground pool versus an inground pool.

Aboveground Pool

An aboveground swimming pool is easy to build and install (you will not need to do either of these yourself) and they are relatively affordable. They can range in size from a small plastic pool to a well-sized one that can fit ten adults. They usually come in a circular or square shape. They are constructed of a heavy-duty metal frame and sit entirely above ground, which means that they will be a quick addition to your backyard.

Inground Pool

An inground swimming pool is usually made by pouring concrete into a large hole carved into a yard, which is then reinforced with metal. Piping is then installed and a lining is applied to sculpt the pool into its final shape. It will then be either tiled over or, in some cases, simply finished with paint. These pools can be pre-set or in custom shapes. An inground pool would be ideal for blending in naturally with a yard, giving it the appearance of a pond or lake. It is also more durable, especially during foul weather. However, this option is more expensive to build and a bit more difficult to maintain.

Whatever you choose, you and your family--and of course, your friends--will be happy with your new swimming pool!

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