Is Your Pool Is in Need of a Remodel?


While pools are a lot of fun to own, they can also require a lot of maintenance to keep in good condition. When a pool has had to endure poor maintenance for too long, it can end up needing big repairs or even a full remodel. Here at ABC Pools, we have seen this happen a lot. If you are wondering if your pool is in need of a big remodel, then you need to look for the following danger signs:

  • Broken liner: A liner that is cracked will need to be replaced. In some cases, this is all that we will have to do. In other cases, however, the cracked liner could have caused other big issues that will need to be dealt with.
  • Green water: This is one of the most common reasons we are called in for pool maintenance. Green water means that your filtration system is broken. Sometimes we can do a small repair that will get things moving again, but usually green water means we will have to do a full remodel.

Stubborn mold: When you have so much moisture in an area, mold can occur without the presence of the right chemicals. Some mold issues can be cleaned out, but in a lot of cases, when we see a mold problem, we are forced to do a full remodel in order to properly and safely handle the situation.

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