Landscaping around Your Pool


Finding the right landscape for your pool area really just depends on your taste and budget. A great first step is to meet with a pool contractor to discuss how you want the space to feel, and what kind of maintenance it will need. Your contractor will be able to help you figure out a design plan that works for you.

People with small children or pets will likely want to incorporate fencing and grass around the pool as part of their plan as a safety measure. There are many options for these barriers that can be made to look very nice and flow seamlessly with the overall design. Grass will be soft on small feet and help reduce slipping injuries. It’s also good for pets when they’re outside.

Plants and rocks are another popular design choice for pool areas. In the warmer climates of the southwest, it’s common to have palm trees and beautiful, exotic flowers surrounding the pool. This gives a tropical beach feel. Rocks are a great addition around the pool because they can withstand splashing from the pool and are not affected much by the chemical cleaners in the water.

Some people love to have rock formations built up right next to the pool with waterfalls or slides coming right off the edge. Plants are incorporated in strategic places on the rocks to give it a natural feel. There are many options for pool landscaping, and an experienced pool installation company can assist with your design.

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