Organize Your Pool Supplies


Keeping your pool supplies organized will help keep you and your family safe. It’s important to prevent trips, slips, or falls around the pool—and these are just a few of the dangers that can happen around your pool. Here are a few ways to get your pool area organized.

Pool Treatment Products

As a pool owner, you are aware that numerous chemicals are needed to maintain a clean pool. Storing them in a shed or garage will help keep your family safe. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for proper storage information, and never store your chemicals on the ground. This makes it easy for pets and children to access them.

Toys, Towels, and Life Vests

There are numerous ways to organize your pool toys, including storing them in bins or pool caddies. Life vests and towels can be hung on hooks near the pool or in the garage, keeping them out of the way and dry until they are needed. These can also be stored in the shed with the pool chemicals, but make sure they are far enough away so they don’t get contaminated by accidental spills.

Clean Up After Yourself

After you’re done swimming for the day or maintaining your pool, make sure to pick up all toys and supplies. This will keep the deck clear and hazard-free, and keep you and your family safe.

Your pool can be a source of endless entertainment and fun. By keeping the area organized and clutter-free, you can minimize the chances of injuries occurring.

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