Pool Maintenance for Dummies


If you don't know how to maintain your pool, you are not a dummy, but you are actually in the majority. Pools are hard work, and most people do not know how to take care of them. You have to worry about everything from chlorine levels to cleanliness, deck care, heating and cooling, and much more. ABC Swimming Pools is here to help with all of the supplies and tools you need. Here are three easy ways to maintain your pool.

Know the chemical levels your pool rests at and where those levels should be. This is easy. You can get pool chemicals and a testing kit at ABC Swimming Pools, which essentially does the job for you. There are instructions on how to test your water and find out the chemical levels, plus easy guides that can tell you what kind of chemical and how much of that chemical to add. The water should be tested weekly.

Get a filter. This will catch debris and other unwanted things from entering your pool. It can make cleaning easier and helps prevent you from having to mess with the chemicals in your pool all the time. Filters are easy to empty and clean and should be done so weekly.

Have a cleaning system, and stick to it. ABC Swimming Pools offers products that automatically clean your pool, so that you don't have to be out there fishing things out with a net. During the summer, your pool should be cleaned at least every other day, especially if people are using it frequently. Things like insects get in there all the time, and must be removed for safety and sanitary reasons. Getting a pool cover can also help with this.

The basic way to maintain your pool is to keep it clean. ABC Swimming Pools can provide you with automatic pool cleaners, filters/filter supplies, water testing kits, pool chemicals, salt systems, pool covers, and more.

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