The Best Time of Year for Pool Installation


Playing in your very own pool can be a fun and exciting way to spend your summers, but before you jump right in (pun intended), you can to consider the installation process. Read on to learn which seasons are the best for pool installation and decide when you want to begin the process of getting your backyard pool.


The idea of installing a pool usually comes when the temperatures are high. Having a pool installed during the summer is nice, since you can use your pool as soon as it is completed, but you might have to wait a while to get things done. Summer is the busy season for our pool professionals, and it can take longer to get the process completed.


The off-season is a great time to ask your questions, research your options, design and customize your pool, and get the ball rolling. Since you won’t have to compete for attention, things move quicker. Keep in mind, however, that winter weather can halt construction, so try to time it to take place in the fall or to wait until spring.


Spring can be an ideal time to install a pool, since it will be completed just in time for summer use. You still might need to keep an eye on the weather, and you should try to get things started before everyone else’s pools need attention.

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