The Largest Swimming Pools in the World


At ABC Swimming Pools, we see pools of all sizes and shapes, but some pools just go above and beyond what you would expect to see. We looked up some of the most amazing swimming pools in the world, and we were impressed by what we found. Check out this article to learn more about these wonders in the world of swimming pools.

The Longest

The San Alfonso Del Mar swimming pool in Chile is the longest swimming pool. It is more than 3,000-feet long, and the deepest parts of the pool descend to an incredible 115 feet. The pool is filled with natural sea water, which is filtered when coming into and going out of the pool. This desalinates the water a little before it enters the pool and ensures the water is clean when it's returned to the ocean.

The Deepest

The Nemo 33 pool holds the record for the deepest indoor pool, with its main diving chamber descending to 108 feet. (This was the deepest pool of any kind until the San Alfonso Del Mar took that title in 2007.) Located in Brussels, Belgium, the pool is often used as an instructional facility for scuba diving and free diving, and consists of many simulated underwater caverns. The pool is filled with natural spring water that is kept at a comfortable 86 degrees Fahrenheit by a solar heater.

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