The Most Important Pool-Maintenance Items


Those who are new to pool ownership can end up being overwhelmed very quickly. Even though pools are a wonderful addition to any home, and offer countless hours of family fun, they do require a lot of work to keep up. While pools are always shown as crystal clear, the truth is that it takes diligence and hard work to keep them that way. In order to keep a standing body of water blue and clear, there are a few tools every pool owner will need to invest in. Two of the most important ones are a skimmer and a vacuum.

Introducing the Skimmer

No one wants to swim in a pool that has debris floating on top of it. Whether that debris is leaves, dead bugs or trash that got blown in, it is certainly a turn off and a skimmer is the answer to the problem. A skimmer is basically just a net located on the end of a long pole. By dipping the net in the water and catching the floating debris, you can have the surface clean in no time!

Introducing the Vacuum

As gross as bugs floating on top of the water are, it's also really disgusting when there is a collection of debris at the bottom of the pool. In order to keep the bottom just as sparkling clean as the newly skimmed top, we suggest getting a pool vacuum. There are a few different styles: a free standing robotic, a robotic that gets hooked to the filter, and a handheld that gets hooked to the filter. Depending on the size of the pool, vacuuming will usually take about an hour. While the robots are great for routine maintenance, they do have a tendency to occasionally break down, so we always recommend doing it by hand before a party or other event.

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