Tips for Choosing the Best Pool Cover


Chances are that before someone owns a pool, they have no idea how to care for one. It's a big job and it comes with a lot of accessories and a whole new skill set that people have to learn. One of those accessories that is necessary for maintaining a pool is a pool cover. These come in all different shapes and sizes and they do all sorts of different jobs. Here is a rundown of the most common types and when each one should be used.

The Ultimate Luxury

Without a doubt, the fanciest kind of pool cover someone can get is the kind that puts itself on. Automatic pool covers are designed with ease in mind. These covers are created kind of like window blinds in that they sit coiled up in their little box until they're needed. With the push of a button or the flip of a switch, the cover extends out over the pool, pulled along an installed track.

Solar Covers Heat Pools

Whether someone chooses an automatic or manual pool cover, they will still have to decide whether they are looking for a simple solar cover, a heavy-duty winter cover, or a safety cover. Solar covers are meant only to keep pools warm. They are not effective for keeping debris out, are not sufficient to be used to close a pool, and offer no safety to children or other vulnerable populations.

Heavy Duty, Big Responsibilities

Winter covers are generally only used at the end of the swimming season. They are generally made out of very heavy material and are designed to last through the winter. Like winter covers, safety covers are usually made out of a heavy material that is designed to float on the water so that in the case of the unthinkable happening, the person who falls onto the cover doesn't end up underneath it.

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