Tips for Great Pool Design


When the weather gets warm, it's incredible to exercise, relax, and play in a swimming pool of your very own. Installing a new swimming pool in your home is an expensive and time-intensive endeavor, so it's important that you plan well so that you're satisfied with the finished product. At ABC Swimming Pools, we've come up with some design ideas that will get your creative juices flowing so you can enjoy the ultimate customized pool experience in your own backyard.

Ideas for the Ultimate Pool

There are two important things to consider before building your pool. First, is the overall purpose for the pool. What you are going to use the pool for will dictate what shape you choose. For example, a pool primarily for exercise is better in a square or rectangular pattern. If you want it to relax and play in, then maybe you'd rather get creative with the shape. Second, consider the location in the yard and the overall landscaping around the pool for the greatest effect. Some of our favorite ideas maximize these principles. For example, if your pool will have a great view, you might want an infinity pool. To incorporate landscaping, you might plant flowers or trees nearby. Including waterfalls and water features is always visually and acoustically pleasing. We also recommend adding underwater ledges and seating, fire features, alcoves, grottos, diving platforms. The sky is the limit.

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