Tips for Teaching Your Children to Swim


Whether you have a pool, live by water, or just want to keep your children safe, teaching them to swim is an excellent idea. Did you know that children can begin to learn how to swim as early as 6 months old? Learning how to swim is a great way to get some exercise, build confidence, and keep your children safe around water. We at ABC Swimming Pools have outlined a few tips to help you teach your children how to swim.

The Do's

One of the best things you can do is make learning to swim fun for your children. They will be much more interested and willing to try if swimming is fun. You can play different games to teach them to breathe, kick, and go underwater. For example, have your child go underwater and say something to them. See if they can guess what you said. This teaches them to go underwater and not panic. You should also work on blowing bubbles, holding your breath, and floating. Many of these skills are scary to children, so be calm, reassuring, and always at their side to build trust and confidence in you and the water.

The Do Not's

Don't lose your child's trust. Don't throw them in the pool or make them do things when they aren't ready. Don't lie or trick your child. Never leave your child alone in the water. Don't expect your children to remember everything between sessions or to master strokes when they aren't ready developmentally.

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