Tips on Remodeling Your Swimming Pool


Remodeling your swimming pool can be quite the undertaking. You can choose to change the shape of the pool completely or just resurface the inside of your pool. Either way, there are plenty of ways to give your pool a new look. When deciding where to start, there is no right answer. It all depends on where you want your money to go. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, adding aesthetic elements can bring your pool back to life. Adding a waterfall or some stonework can give your pool a fresh new look without having to change its shape or structure. Or try adding a water slide or some lighting features. Even adding a hot tub can give your pool a face-lift. Changing some of the aesthetic features will definitely give your pool that ‘wow’ factor.

Upgrading the safety elements is another great place to start in a remodel. If you are looking to just make a small change, start by replacing filters, safety covers, and fences. This equipment can become broken or outdated. It’s important to replace it as needed to keep your family safe.

If you are looking to do a full overhaul, change the decking surrounding your pool. Make your swimming area look brand new without even having to touch the inside of the pool. Use pavers, concrete, and stone to create a design that fits your outdoor living space. You can even change the border or coping of the pool by mixing different materials together.

If you have questions about remodeling your pool, give ABC Swimming Pools a call. We would be happy to help you.

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