Top 3 Sunscreen Brands for Swimming


If you’re planning on spending time in the pool or ocean this summer, it’s important to use the right sunscreen. Sunscreen blocks harmful UV rays and keeps your skin from burning. Unfortunately, many sunscreens wash off quickly in the water. Here are our top 3 choices for water-resistant sunscreen.

Blue Lizard

Blue Lizard sunscreen was developed in Australia, which has some of the most powerful sun in the world—as well as plenty of water! This sunscreen is a powerful sun blocker, but it is still gentle enough for children or those with sensitive skin. It can often last hours, whether you’re in or out of the water.


One of the most popular sunscreens among boaters, swimmers, and other water athletes, SolRx is designed to stay on through any conditions. Most users report 8-hour protection—far longer than the typical sunscreen, which only lasts about an hour once it gets wet. If you’re planning on heavy-duty training or fun in the water, this is the sunscreen for you!


Coppertone is one of the most readily available sunscreens in grocery stores and pharmacies and it does the job better than many more expensive brands. Look for Coppertone Sport, which was designed to be sweat proof and water resistant. This brand is a safe choice for kids and its convenient spray makes it easy to apply.

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