What Factors Affect the Cost of My Swimming Pool?


Here at ABC Swimming Pools, we understand the appeal and potential value increase of your property by having a swimming pool installed. One of the first things you are going to think about prior to hiring a pool contractor come and install a pool is going to be price. Here are the top 5 things that are going to affect how much building and installing a pool will cost.

Materials Used

Different materials are going to cost different amounts. Whether you are using stone tile, ceramic, fiberglass, or something else to build your pool will affect the price.


There is a wide variety of features you might choose for your pool. These are going to come with their own individual price tags which you will want to consider.

Size and Shape of Pool

The size of your pool matters, as well as the shape. You can have a small pool that might be more expensive than a larger pool because its unique shape will take more to build.


Some of the logistics of building a pool will increase the cost. For example, permits will have different costs depending on your area. There are also factors such as demolition, ease of access to your property, and other logistics to think about.


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the variation in pool pricing is related to the hardscape around your pool. If you want planter walls, a deck or patio surround, or a waterfall, for instance, these are going to bump your price up, whereas if you can do without some of these options, you can save money.

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