Why Adding a Pool to Your Yard Is an Investment


A pool is a fun addition to any backyard, but it’s not like buying a swing set or a trampoline. A swimming pool is far more than just a fun new toy—it is an investment in your home and in your property. Here’s why we think you need to view a swimming pool as an investment, and give it the care it deserves.

Permanent Addition

Installing an inground pool is the equivalent of making a renovation to your home; it is a permanent addition to the property. It is a property improvement that requires extensive construction, licensure, etc. You should treat the addition of a pool as you would treat an addition to your home.

Regular Maintenance

Like a vehicle, which is also considered a major investment, a swimming pool requires regular care and maintenance to stay in proper working order. This includes adding chemicals, maintaining the pump system, and other important care. A swimming pool will require a continuing investment from you, so you should take the installation of one seriously.

Property Value

The biggest factor that makes a pool a real investment is what it can do for your property value. Adding a swimming pool will greatly increase the worth of your home, so if you end up selling your home down the road, you’ll recoup part of the costs of installing the swimming pool.


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