Why Do Pools Need Jets?


Have you ever noticed how even the smallest pools and hot tubs have jets lining their sides and bottom? If so, have you ever wondered why they are there? Besides providing a steady stream of bubbles in hot tubs, jets are absolutely necessary for every pool. Want to know why? Here is a quick introduction to pool jets.

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between a jetted tub and the jets in a pool. Hot tubs and even luxurious bath tubs have jets that are designed to create bubbles while also massaging your body. These types of jets function in a similar way in the pool, but do not perform the same role.

Pool jets are part of a pool's central pumping and cleaning system. The jets you see lining the sides of your pool are where the freshly heated and cleaned water is returned to the pool itself. Most large pools have drains and intake valves, which usually have filters over them, where pool water is sucked into a central pumping system. The pumps take the water and filter it. Chemicals will usually be added during this process as well. And if you have the heater on, the water will be heated during this process as well.

Once the water has been heated and treated, it is forced back into the pool through jets. The jets are usually at the base of the pool to allow a more even distribution of chemicals and heated water and to enhance the mixing and cleaning of the pool as a whole.

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