Why You Should Maintain Proper Chemical Levels in Your Pool


The chemicals in your pool require careful balance and regular monitoring. It can take a lot of time and effort if you're doing it alone. Many of our customers ask us why those chemical levels even matter. Well, they actually matter a lot. Here are the problems you may face if you have chemical levels that are too high or too low.

Dangers of Low Chemical Levels

If you let the chemicals in your pool get too low, that means the water in your pool isn't being properly cleaned. Any germs or contaminants in the pool won't be killed like they would if the chlorine were at a proper level. And if your chemicals really start to get low, you'll start to see algae growing in your pool. It will start as a dust-like substance clinging to your pool walls. But as it progresses, it will become a disgusting, slimy mess.

Dangers of High Chemical Levels

High chemical levels can be just as problematic as low levels. Most of the problems you'll see include skin and eye irritation, and bleaching of hair and swimwear. Sensitive individuals may even experience a burning sensation on their skin after being in the pool too long. If the chemical levels really start to get out of control, they can even cause damage to your pool's paving materials.

If you don't feel up to keeping your chemicals at the proper level, just call in a professional to do it for you


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