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Quality Pool Maintenance Services

A swimming pool is a fun feature at any house. For many communities in California, a swimming pool will increase your property value dramatically, not to mention offer hours of entertainment for your family, friends, or renters. But owning a swimming pool also comes with responsibilities.

One of the most important aspects to remember about owning a pool is staying up to date on maintenance tasks. ABC Swimming Pools offers assistance for this important job. Our experts are knowledgeable about different types of pools and sizes, and both of these factors are important when scheduling maintenance for your swimming pool.

Once we evaluate your pool and the different water levels, we will determine the correct maintenance plan for your needs and your lifestyle.

Consultations for Cleaning Schedules

Another responsibility that accompanies owning a swimming pool is conducting regular cleaning checks and tasks. A pool will quickly become contaminated if the water isn’t treated to kill germs and bacteria. If you live near trees or other shedding plants, your pool will also become full of natural debris.

We can help you figure out the appropriate cleaning schedule. During a one-on-one consultation, our technician will instruct you how to best maintain your pool.

Our team also offers cleaning and maintenance services, so you can take it easy and let our people handle the job! Contact us today to get a FREE quote for either of these services.

Decades of Experience

We have a trusted name in the industry because we offer many years of expertise. Since 1968, we’ve been constructing, installing, designing, and maintaining pools in this area. Our customers are always satisfied with our services because they are high quality and leave lasting results.

Make an impression on your neighbors and friends today by hiring a professional team to handle your swimming pool needs.

Serving Los Alamitos and Surrounding Communities

Our company is based in Los Alamitos, and we love serving this community! Our services are also available for any nearby resident who is looking for a qualified swimming pool expert.

Call us to schedule an appointment if you live in or near Marina, Seal Beach, La Palma, Cerritos, Cypress, Garden Grove, Westminster, or Long Beach. We look forward to serving you!

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